Lennon Stephenson

Name Lennon Marie Stephenson

Position Supporting Characters


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Synthetic Human
Date of Birth December 21, 2375 (activated)
Age 10
Place of Birth Liverpool, England, Earth (activated)
Languages Federation Standard
Character origin Freelancer

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Lennon is an organic synthetic human female with brown hair and brown eyes. She is five feet and five inches tall with an average figure, and was designed and built by Doctor Kenneth Barrow, a leading cybernetics researcher at Starfleet Research and Development.

Lennon's main functions are controlled by a positronic brain, whilst her mechanical parts are lubricated by a silicon-based compound which she is required to consume on an irregular basis. She does not need to eat, drink or sleep, however, Lennon is capable of doing so if she chooses.

With strength well surpassing that of the average human, Lennon can very easily hold her own when engaged in physical combat against larger opponents. Her advanced physical strength also allows Lennon to carry much heavier objects than an average human.

Lennon is immune to oxygen deprivation, telepathy, disease, gases, intoxication and radiation, however, her operating systems are extremely vulnerable in conditions where ion concentration is high. Lennon is also highly vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses and weaponry.


Spouse Taryn (2387-)
Father Michael Stephenson
Mother Amber Stephenson
Other Family Captain Robert Stephenson (USS Victoria); uncle
Lieutenant Commander Genevieve Stephenson (USS Victoria); auntie
Annabel Stephenson; niece
Victoria Stephenson; niece
Ellie Stephenson; niece
Lena Stephenson; niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lennon is a kind, caring and dedicated individual who always puts others first. She possesses an abundance of confidence and self belief, and isn't afraid to take on big challenges and deal with difficult situations.

When she was built, Lennon was given the ability to determine whether she wished to experience human emotions. As a result of choosing to experience them, Lennon is also a very emotional person, and isn't afraid to talk about her feelings to people she trusts.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Immune to oxygen deprivation, radiation, disease, gases and telepathy
+ Kind, compassionate and highly dedicated
+ Excellent physical strength

- Vulnerable around ions and electromagnetic technology
- Prone to emotional episodes
- Suffers from monophobia
Ambitions Lennon wishes to better herself as a person and one day complete her Starfleet Academy training when the laws around synthetic humans have been changed.
Hobbies & Interests During her free time, Lennon enjoys singing and playing her guitar as well as writing her own music.

Personal History Lennon was one of two Barrow-type synthetic human females designed and constructed by Doctor Kenneth Barrow in 2375, with her "twin" being named Alice Foster.

She was created to help Michael and Amber Stephenson deal with the loss of their only child in a tragic accident, however after several months it was clear that the arrangement wasn't working. Lennon was then sent to live with her uncle, Captain Robert Stephenson, who was the commanding officer of the USS Victoria.

Once there, Lennon then began to flourish as a person and work towards her goal of finding out what it was like to be a human rather than a machine. She also began working towards another goal, to become a Starfleet officer, under the tutelage of her uncle and his chief engineering officer Commander Alan Butler, with whom Lennon became close friends.

However, in 2385, the attack on Mars resulted in all synthetic lifeforms being outlawed. Despite this, Lennon's identity as a synth was protected after Commander Butler designed and installed a device which emitted human lifesigns. This allowed Lennon to appear human, and avoid the risk of her true identity being discovered while at the Academy.

After passing her entrance exams, Lennon moved to San Francisco and began her studies towards becoming a fully qualified Starfleet officer. With advice and support from Robert and mentor Alan, Lennon truly flourished and passed her first year with flying colours, leading to her being rewarded with a tour aboard her uncle's starship. Although she was training to be an engineer, Robert decided that Lennon should rotate between departments to get an idea of how each department functioned.

In 2387, after taking part in a dangerous away mission to track down another synthetic human, Lennon was exposed as a synth. It was quickly decided by Robert that she should go on the run with Taryn, another synthetic human who Lennon had fallen in love with, to avoid being arrested and disassembled by Starfleet.
Relevant experience 2385-87: Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
- 2386-87: USS Victoria NCC-2054