Ellie Greaves

Name Ellie Greaves


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth 22 March 2360
Age 26
Place of Birth Plymouth, England, Earth
Character origin Starfleet

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm
Hair Color dark
Eye Color brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History When the young woman later to be known as "Raven" attended Starfleet Academy, she was very much an outsider, despite her outstanding academic performance. That's not to say she was unpopular - she just preferred to keep to herself. All that changed, when she met fellow cadet, Ellie Greaves.

The two quickly became inseparable, even moving into shared quarters, and planning a future together. This, however, was put to a sudden end, when they were attacked after a Christmas party, one year before their graduation. Ellie was stabbed in the chest, puncturing and destroying one of her lungs. Blinded by fury, Raven easily snapped the neck of the man that had attacked Ellie, before disappearing and fleeing the Academy.

However, Ellie survived. Equipped with an artificially grown replacement lung, she graduated from the Academy, and became a science officer on the Nova-class U.S.S. Amelia, NCC-1939-C. She served on that ship for several years, until it was one day attacked and destroyed by unknown forces, with all hands presumed lost.

That is, until Ellie appeared on Drozana station, six months after the destruction of her ship, still very much alive...