Centurion Mavis Vermillion

Name Mavis Vermillion

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Centurion


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Date of Birth 6th August 2382
Age 28
Place of Birth ISS Assassination
Languages Japanese, English, Terran Standard
Character origin Mirror Universe

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Mavis has long blonde hair that trails down her back, and her eyes are bright green. She is a mixture of Japanese and English heritage. Her mother being a Japanese citizen who became involved with the English Captain of the starship she served on. Mavis therefore has some Japanese features, but it they are softened by the English genes. She is short, but has an athletic figure


Children Mavis is currently carrying the child of Tristan Balor, a Joined Trill whom she had been in a sexual relationship with. (About 3 months into pregnancy)
Father William Vermillion
Mother Ritsu Vermillion
Brother(s) James Vermillion

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mavis is what you would call a 'free spirit'. Unlike most Terran's she is caring and compassionate. She can be fierce when she wants to be, however she is an anomoly as she prefers to talk rather than to fight. However, she is ruthless when it comes to fighting, and has been known to 'fight dirty' at times. She cares about her crew and the people around her, she doesn't see them just as expendable soldiers like most commanders, however she does seem them as a valuable asset to get what she wants. She can sometimes act a little childish, but as a noble blood she has always been spoilt and get what she wants. She isn't afraid to fight for what she wants, and she doesn't care how she gets it as long as she gets it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include:
+ Tactical Minded
+ Illusive
+ Fierce when backed into a corner
+ Compassionate
+ Understands the people around her.

- Can be childish at times
- 'Spoilt rich girl syndrome'
- Too trusting at times
- Can jump to conclusions
Ambitions Mavis's ambitions are somewhat cloudy. She became fed up of the Terran Empire constantly being beaten back and becoming pushovers. She also was fed up of just being a small fry in the larger chain of command. She was always held back, so she decided that enough was enough and she decided that she was going to do what she wanted to do. After stealing the ISS Asha, her ambitions are simply to explore the areas of space she wants to, and to stop anyone who gets in her way. She wants freedom from the Terran Empire, she wants to be herself and not to be controlled by a weak emperor. She would rather just do what she wants, and although loyal to the Empire, she classes herself as a free soldier.

Now, as she has escaped the Empire for good and carries inside her the child of the man she was in a sexual and romantic relationship with, she intends to raise her child in a better place whilst still working for what she believes in.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
- Advanced R&D Weapons Technology
- Being free
- Temporal Mechanics
- Magic
- Cooking
- Sweet Things

Personal History Mavis Vermillion, born on the ISS Assassination to William and Ritsu Vermillion, the then Captain and Captains Woman, grew up always on Starships. She was walking the deckplates of Terran Ships for many years before she entered into service. She could often be found at her fathers side as he commanded the Assassination on most of its missions and had a seat on the bridge especially for her, along with her older brother James. She witnessed her father destroy enemies of the Empire and although the Terran Empire was now coming back into power, after so many years of being controlled by the Klingons, she started to care about her enemies.

When she was eighteen, she was accepted into the Starfleet Academy, no problem since her father, whom was a noble of the Terran Empire ensured that his daughter got into the academy. Her brother whom was two years older than her was already in the academy, so the siblings could look out for each other. At the Academy she joined into the Sciences Division, an unusual choice for the Vermillion Family as they had always preferred tactical officers. This disappointed her father slightly, but he did support her ambitions.

Mavis showed an unusual ambition to explore space, not to conquer like most for the Terran Empire, but to find out more about the universe. However she was laughed at and bullied by many for this ambition. It was in her final year at the Academy that she had finally had enough of the same bully. She lost her temper, and pinned him up against a wall while in the middle of class. She was nearly expelled, but after her father pulled some strings she graduated. Not before ploughing her fist into the bully's nose and smashing it, causing him to have to undergo reconstructive surgery.

She was then assigned to the ISS Ticonderoga, as a Junior science officer. The Ticonderoga's misison was simple. They were to patrol the area which was once known as "The Romulan Star Empire" and keep the pesky Romulans in check under Terran Rule. She became fascinated with several aspects of the Romulan Society. Much like the Terran Empire they had once been a militaristic style government and this intrigued her, especially since it was their downfall against the Terrans.

The Ticonderoga stayed in what was once Romulan Space, for three years in which Mavis found herself promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She only got the promotion after the Science Officer was killed in a raid by the Romulans on the ship. The captain of the Ticonderoga made sure that the Romulans were punished for attacking his ship and destroyed the colony on Dewa III.

After witnessing the slaughter of the Dewa colony, Mavis transferred ship. She didn't enjoy watching thousands of innocents being slaughtered just because some revolutionists attacked a Terran Starship. She found herself assigned to the ISS Artemis, one of the Terran Empires Galaxy Class Starships, in which she served as the Assistant Chief Science Officer. After only a year, she gained the rank of Full Lieutenant and position of Chief Science Officer.

The Artermis served inside of Terran Space, and was involved in the battle for Terok Nor. This is where Admiral Leeta of the Bajoran Sector took Terok Nor into the alternate universe to attack the United Federation of Planets. They were beaten back by the Starfleet forces, which disheartened many of the Terran Troops, including Mavis. With the Artemis badly damaged, the ship limped back to spacedock in the Sol Sector.

Mavis, angry at how the Terran Empire was handling the state of th galaxy, especially after all their recent invasions of the alternative universe, and how the treated civilians caused her to see red. When the Artemis was in spacedock, she saw an opportunity that she could take. She decided that she wanted to be more than what she was now. She wanted to be more than just a servent of the empire, she wanted to walk her own path and to be free from the bureaucracy and all the hate that she had grown up in.

The ISS Asha, an old Terran Ship at the time was sitting in a nearby spacedock. The ship, a Cheyenne Class Battlecruiser had just been refitted, and was in the final stages of being kitted out ready for battle. Mavis gathered a few close friends together who felt the same was as she did, and plotted to steal the Asha out of the spacedock and to forge their own path and make their own destiny.

It didn't all go to plan. She had been betrayed by one of them, and found heavy resistance when she tried to sneak aboard the ship with them. Out of the five people, all but her were killed when trying to steal the ship. After breaking through she found herself on the Asha all alone. However with her knowledge of computers he managed to lock out the ship and close the ships docking ports. Then, she literally dragged the ship out of its spacedock before jumping to warp. It was at this time that Mavis changed her rank from Lieutenant to Captain.

She was pursued by the ISS Assassination, her fathers ship whom fired upon her. When she opened a hail to her father, he seemed shocked to see her. She was technically a traitor to the empire. However she allowed her father to beam over to her bridge. After explaining that she wanted more and that she needed to do this, he understood her. He arranged for the sensor records and logs to be changed to make it look like Mavis has taken command of the Asha legitimately, although the ship was technically stolen. It should be noted that command is unaware that the Asha was even stolen, it was simply transferred command to Mavis and with some influence from William, its mission would be classed as 'Independant Operations'. However Mavis would not be considered part of the Terran Fleet and could be fired upon if they got in the way.

Mavis accepted this, thanked her father and after some of the Assassinations Crew were transferred, she set off towards Starbase Eighty Four to recruit new crew for her mission, yet undetermined. The Asha tried to recruit other ships to its cause, to form a better more kinder Terran Empire, however would often be classed as a traitor ship or turned away from ports.

Her term as Captain came short however when she fell pregnant with the child of her sexual partner, Tristan Balor; the Chief of Security of the ISS Asha. Her father couldn't protect the news that she was having a child with an alien which spread like wildfire. Mavis ship the ISS Asha was hunted by other Captains and she found herself surrounded by them.

They had already sealed her fate, to try and kill her and stop her from birthing such an abomonation to the Empire. They would also stop an officer who was classed as a traitor. In order to protect her unborn child, as the last man standing she programmed the transporter which was badly damaged to send her to the Mirror Universe (Prime, but her Mirror) to escape. She only managed to get away just a few seconds before the Asha was destroyed and Captain Mavis Vermillion and her Half Terran/Half Trill child were declared dead.
Relevant experience Starfleet Academy - Science Course
ISS Ticonderoga - Science Officer - Ensign
ISS Ticonderoga - Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant JG
ISS Artemis - Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant JG
ISS Artemis - Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant
ISS Asha - Commanding Officer - Self Promotion to Captain
ISS Asha Destroyer - Formally Declared Deceased.
[Classified- Transfer to Prime Universe and Back in time to 2387 via Escape Transporter Malfunction]
Assigned IRW Ourainavassa - Chief Tactical Officer