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Token of Gratitude

Posted on Fri Jul 16th, 2021 @ 2:24pm by Renee Hernandez & Lieutenant Xia Idris

Mission: Chapter IV: Unravelling the Mystery
Location: Xis's Quarters

After talking with Kaiae, Renee closed the kitchen and the mess hall and headed to Xia's quarters. When she got there, she took a deep breath before ringing the door chime, hoping the woman would open the door.

The door opened, revealing Xia in an off the shoulder, oversized t-shirt for the band Steampunk Zombies that came down just to the middle of her bottom, revealing the standard issue functional underwear to peek out. She was clearly settled in for the evening, a glass of red wine in her hand, the orchestral metal ballad Hearts Devoured by Steampunk Zombies playing in the background. Xia smiled on seeing Renee and invited her in, using a small controller to turn off the music.

Renee looked at Xia, and before she had time to say anything Renee handed her a container. "No, it's not the stew, it's your favorite dessert. I wanted to apologize for my friends and for Ash. Our Ash." The words just came rushing out of Renee. "Look... I have a lot of baggage. A lot more now since there's two Ashley Rogerses and T'Ango and Gunnar. And the whole mess of people that seem to be friends with them. Ash and I were together for a long time. And these people are, quite frankly, the only friends I have. They've been through a lot with me and they can be annoying, and stupid, and immature.... but they're good people and they care and they are all capable of killing people to protect their own. Except maybe Gunnar, but he has his own ways of doing things."

She finally stopped to take a breath. "So... I'm sorry."

Xia’s only answer was to put down her wine and dessert and grab the front of Renee’s shirt, pulling her in for a deep, soul-searing kiss. When they finally came up for air, the Betazoid smiled at Renee.

“No need to apologize, darling,” she said. “I’m glad you have friends to watch your back like that.” She caressed the side of Renee’s face and gazed into her eyes. “I don’t envy you, though. Two of them…” she teased with a small smile.

Renee visibly let out the breath she was holding, glad that Xia was so understanding. The kiss definitely helped relax her. She leaned into Xia and wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. "You don't know the half of it. I love those knuckleheads, but I love being here... alone... with you... much... much... more." She punctuated her words with kisses along Xia's neck. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything..."

“Just a night in,” Xia said with a smile, tilting her head to give Renee better access. “You’re welcome to stay,” she offered. “Make yourself comfortable. I seem to suddenly have a lot of caramel cheesecake to share.”

"You are amazing.” Renee interrupted her kissing as she grinned at Xia. "I was hoping you would say that," she continued as she decided to have a piece of cheesecake, maintaining eye contact with the Betazoid the entire time. First this dessert... then we can have different dessert...

Xia smiled. You know, we can get some caramel syrup from the replicator… was Xia’s mental reply as she pulled off her t-shirt and dropped it to the floor.

Renee smirked. She could definitely get used to this. Things with Xia were simple and not full of insanity and the pressure of the fate of countless lives. Sorry T'Ango, Gunnar, and Ash...and Ash. Tonight has nothing to do with any of them. "I need to have dessert more often," Renee said as she put her plate down and advanced on Xia. "Because this is more appetizing than anything in the mess hall."

“Oh, I’m not so sure,” Xia replied. “I find the chef kind of appetizing,” she said as she backed toward bed.

"Really?" Renee purred. "Flattery will get you everywhere." She nudged Xia backwards onto the bed. "The entire menu is available. What can I get you?"

Xia fell back onto the bed, now just in her underwear. “Why don’t I start with your lips and work my way down,” the Betazoid said with a smile, her dark eyes even darker with desire as she hooked her legs around Renee to pull her down atop her and run her fingers through the chef’s hair as they kissed again.


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