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New Recruits

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 4:18pm by Sublieutenant Miles Lynn & Sublieutenant Mila Lynn & Colonel Sehan t'Varis & Major Ashley Rogers

Mission: Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana
Timeline: 238701.05

The last time that Ash met with Raven, it was under less than good circumstances. Granted, it wasn't bad, but any time Raven has to deal with the fallout or aftermath of her actions, it was a failure on Ash's part. She needed to do better. But this time, there might be some good news. After meeting Miles and Mila Lynn, Ash poked around and did some investigating on if they were who they said they were. Their story checked out, or at least checked out as much as anyone else on board. She rang the door chime and waited.

Raven looked up from the reports she was reading through when the door chimed, grateful for any distraction from the more boring parts of commanding a privateer vessel. On her lap, Eavy continued to snooze away peacefully. "Enter," the Colonel called out, and the door opened to reveal Ash Rogers. "Centurion," Raven said, smiling. "Do come in. How can I help you?"

"Colonel," Ash greeted her commander as she handed her two PADDs. "Not quite weaponry, but I ran into these two at the Bazaar. I looked into them and they seem legitimate. They're a little young, but we could use their skills."

Raven took the PADDs, and looked over them. After a moment, she chuckled. "I won't even pretend to understand what all these equations mean, but it sure looks impressive. As does the racing record. Miles and Mila Lynn, eh? Siblings, I assume?"

Ash smiled at Eavy, the assassin did always have a soft spot for such creatures, "Yes, twins. Mila seems to be hearing impaired and Miles has the fighting skills of Dr. Ralaa. Their parents are not in the picture and they're about to run out of rent money. But if he can fly a ship like that and she can... do whatever that PADD says... I'd rather have them with us than working against us because someone else hired them. Before I left them, Mila said she could calculate exactly when the Romulan sun will go... and even mentioned Red Matter. What do you think?"

Raven paused. Red Matter? She had only heard rumours of the mysterious substance and its insane destructive properties. She found it hard to believe such a substance could exist. "Well," she finally said. "we certainly could use another skilled pilot, and we haven't even got a science officer. Set up a meeting."

An hour after they received the call, Miles and Mila were once again at their usual table outside the café, at the edge of the bazaar, where they would meet Ashley and her commander. After some insistance by Mila, the twins were dressed in their highest quality clothes - both were wearing plain white tops, light blue jeans, and sturdy black boots, with Miles wearing an open, black shirt over his top, and Mila wearing an equally open black waistcoat. This way, at least they looked somewhat professional, she had reasoned.

"You better make sure you have your aurals on from the start this time,", Miles signed at his sister, who simply responded by rolling her eyes. "As much as I hate them, I'm way ahead of you. As usual." Her quiet voice was jovial, the shock of the previous day's events finally having been processed fully. "As if you could keep up with my flying," Miles replied, happy to see his sister back to making some jokes. She had seemed a lot more cheerful this morning - maybe because, finally, things looked like they were going to change for the better.

Ash and Raven made their way to the café where they were supposed to meet the twins. Ash spotted them first. They dressed up for this meeting, she noted. "They're over there, Colonel," she said.

The pair made their way to the table and Ash made it a point to come at them from within Mila sight line, now is not the time or place to sneak up on them. "Miles, Mila," she greeted with a nod. "I'm glad you were able to meet with us.. Allow me to introduce Colonel t'Varis, commander of the Raven's Claw."

Ash was hoping this meeting went well although she wasn't quite sure why. Maybe doing something altruistic for others might equalize some of her karma.

The twins smiled. "I'm Miles Lynn, this is my sister, Mila," Miles introduced them. "Please, take a seat. It is a pleasure to meet you." Mila simply nodded, as Raven and Ash sat down.

"So," Raven finally said, "Ash tells me you two are quite the extraordinary pair." She looked at the two young people sat in front of her. Their almost too handsome faces, bright turquoise hair, equally bright eyes, their exceptional skills, it all indicated genetic engineering. But obviously, something had gone wrong, causing their disabilities. Maybe that was why their parents were not around? Not that it mattered much to her. After all, as much as she disagreed with genetic engineering, the children produced by the process had no say in it.

"Your racing record is quite impressive," she continued, looking at Miles. "But, of course, a warbird is quite a different thing to a small racing craft. You sure you can handle it?"

Miles nodded. "It's not all that different, really. Just bigger. I can pretty much fly anything, once I am familiar with how the controls work. One of the racers I piloted was based on a Romulan fighter, I doubt their bigger ships are much harder to manage."

Raven smiled. "Confident. I like it." She turned to Mila. "Can't say I understood much of your calculations, though. Looked like some complex stuff to me."

"Yes," Mila answered, her voice as unsteady as always. "Temporal dynamics is a lot easier than many people think. Once you get through the timey-wimey stuff, anyway. It's all just numbers."

The Colonel shrugged. "I'll have to take your word for it. Never been much of a mathematician myself. Still, I am sure we can find a use for your talents." She turned to Ash. "You weren't lying when you said these two were extraordinary."

"I'm glad you agree. I think they'll be a good addition to the crew." Ash smiled at the twins and gave them an approving nod, "What do you two think?"

Mila signed at Miles, who nodded. "If you would have us," he said.

Raven smiled. "Right then. You two are hired. At your age, I think we'll make you Sublieutenants, for now. I'll talk to Gedak, sort out some quarters for you. You'll have to share a pretty small room unfortunately, but we'll be getting a bigger ship soon." She turned to Ash. "You found them, so I will make it your responsibility to get them settled in on the ship. I need to go and sign off on supplies for when we depart the station. Can I rely on you, Rogers?"

Ash's eyes widen at Raven. She was glad her body was turned so that the twins didn't see her reaction. "My responsibility?"

Raven smiled. "You will do fine, Centurion." She stood, and looked at the twins. "Welcome to the crew. If you need anything, talk to Ashley. I will see you on the ship soon." She waved, and, with another smirk at Rogers, walked off.

Mila looked at her brother, then at Ash. "Right," she said, with an unsure smile. "So, we get our things and move to the ship? What happens now?"

Ash took a deep breath to settle herself. This wasn't what she was expecting out of this meeting. These two are clearly minors and of course they would need an adult guardian... Dammit Raven, why me? You're the commanding officer! The look on Mila's face deflated any of Ash's internal protests, "Yeah. Guess so. How much stuff do you have? We will make sure you get everything moved on board. Once Raven sets you up with Gedak, you'll have a place to live, a steady paycheck, and you'll get to do what you're good at. I suppose I can give you a tour of the ship if you want. I guess what happens next is entirely up to you. Do you have any requests for me?"

Miles shook his head. "We don't have much. We'll go back to our place and pack, and settle things with the landlord. We will see you at the ship in, say, two hours?"


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