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A New Plan Of Action

Posted on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 1:32am by Taryn Stephenson & Lennon Stephenson

Mission: Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana
Location: Taryn's quarters
Timeline: 238701.10

With her plan ready to go, Lennon slid her disruptor into the back of her jeans, covering it with her buttoned long sleeved shirt. Tonight was when she was going to confront Taryn, with her uncle now in a position to utilise the much more powerful and capable Victoria to assist with the operation, following his and Alan's return to the vessel. Robert and Alan would return to their mission aboard the Pinto once Taryn had been either apprehended and taken into custody, or deactivated. Taryn hadn't even been on their radar, but orders were orders. Any and all synths they encountered were to be apprehended or permanently deactivated.

After departing from her kitchen, Lennon went over her plan again one last time in her head, she'd disable Taryn and then activate the distress beacon inside the pendant Robert had given her. Then, after the mission was completed, Lennon would get back to the Victoria, and her plans to enroll in the Starfleet Academy to follow in her Uncle Robert's footsteps.

"Alright synth, I'm going to make it quick..." Lennon thought to herself, walking along the corridor.

Although there was no proof, Robert considered it was highly likely that Taryn had played a role in the devastating incident on Mars, and she had to be brought to justice. Lennon agreed, and was all too happy to play her part, even if it meant she had to spend time away from her friends and family back on the Victoria, the starship she and many others fondly called home.

After arriving outside Taryn's quarters, Lennon paused for a moment before pressing the chime, waiting patiently for an answer. She had her arm around her back ready to draw her pistol after forcing her way in, hoping that nobody made any last second appearances on the corridor before Taryn answered.

Taryn was just about to head to the Kestrel to install some new performance upgrades which she'd downloaded earlier that day on the station, however her plans were temporarily placed on hold when the chime echoed around her quarters. It was fairly late, but Taryn was bored and didn't particularly feel ready to deactivate herself for the night. Although "resting" wasn't essential for Taryn, she did so to try and avoid giving away the fact she was a synth.

As Taryn opened the door, she was surprised to find the vessel's new chef stood there. The synth hadn't visited the Raven's Claw's canteen yet, but she always made sure to familiarise herself with the comings and goings among those she worked with. Taryn hadn't been expecting any visitors that night, and was rather surprised by Lennon's visit. In fact, nobody had been to visit her since she arrived on the vessel.

"What can I do for you, Miss Stephenson?" Taryn asked.

However, when Taryn opened the door, Lennon was unable to do what she'd planned to do. She'd bottled it. Instead, she decided to change her plan, and ask if Taryn could upgrade her Breen disruptor pistol for her instead. It was a decent weapon, but Lennon knew she'd need every shot she could get if her assignment was rumbled. Plus, if she and Taryn could trust eachother even slightly, it could make the assignment easier to carry out when the right opportunity arose, particularly as Taryn would be a difficult opponent to subdue.

Lennon smiled. "I'm sorry for interrupting, but I was wondering if you could upgrade my pistol for me please? I'm happy to pay you, of course"

"Well, I was going to do something else this evening but I suppose it can wait. Come in and take a seat, what is it you've got?" Taryn responded, walking up to her desk and sitting down.

Lennon entered and withdrew her pistol from the back of her jeans, handing it to Taryn. The Breen disruptor had been acquired by Lennon at the last market she had visited with Robert and Alan, and although a capable weapon, Lennon was interested to see if it could handle more.

"Ah, a Breen disruptor. Very nice. I've got a couple of things in mind, although it'll cost you. You can either sit on the bed and wait for a bit, or, I can return it to you tomorrow? Your call" Taryn said, opening her toolcase.

Lennon replied. "Well, that's my only weapon, so if it's all the same to you, I'll sit and wait"

"I expected as much, although from my experience, a lot of chefs only carry weapons to shoot people who have the audacity to complain about the quality of their food, although the irony is the people who moan can't cook themselves either. Some of the crap which was remarkably considered to be edible food on my last ship was disgusting, although I have to say, in the circumstances I can see why you want a weapon. Personally, I've got enough to use a different one each day for ten days, and that's not including the bladed and melee weapons" Taryn said.

As Lennon sat behind her, Taryn set to work on the pistol, modifying its circuitry and upgrading the power cells. She had a Breen disruptor rifle in her collection, but Taryn had not yet set about repairing it. She considered that perhaps that should be the next weapon on her to-do list.

"So, what brings you here anyway?" Taryn asked.

Lennon shrugged. "Money, my last employers paid me fuck all. It took me ages to save up to buy that thing you're working on"

"Ah, that old chestnut. We always need more money" Taryn responded.

Lennon replied. "Well, it helps to have some if you want to open your own restaurant one day"

Twenty or so minutes later, Taryn had finished her modifications and handed the disruptor pistol back to Lennon, briefly explaining what she'd done to the pistol as Lennon examined it curiously. The weapon's power and recharge rate were now improved, and seeing as it was Lennon and that she'd asked the synth nicely, Taryn decided to waive the fee she'd previously said would apply. This time.

"Thanks. How much do I owe you?" Lennon asked.

Taryn waved her hand. "Nothing, you can consider it a favour because you asked me nicely and I appreciate good manners. They don't cost anything but they seem to be a rarity these days"

"Are you sure there's nothing I can do to repay you? A three course meal from the galley perhaps? Free of charge" Lennon offered.

Taryn declined. "Thanks, but it's fine. Although, I do get the inclination there's something you want to do to me, though"

"What do I want to do to you, Taryn?" Lennon asked, curiously.

Taryn whispered. "You want to fuck me, don't you, Lennon?"

Without hesitation, Lennon tossed her pistol to one side, marched up to Taryn, planting a hand on each of her cheeks and then crashing her lips lustfully against the synth's. Even though their encounter had been amicable, Lennon didn't want to be Taryn's friend, however she considered having sex with the synth would surely be one way to win some degree of trust which would be enough for Taryn to one day let her guard down. If and when Taryn ever lowered the drawbridge, Lennon would strike, but for now, she'd make the most of any intimacy she could have with another woman.

Pleased her assumption was indeed correct, Taryn kissed Lennon back, powerfully and lustfully. She rested her hands on Lennon's buttocks, squeezing them gently yet firmly. It had been some time since she had last shared a kiss with another woman, and Taryn was going to make the most of every single second of it. She gently moved Lennon towards, and then onto, her bed, where she took control of the kiss and began thinking about where this was going to go next. Taryn was just as "functional" as the human being she was kissing, although she'd never managed to score a home run. Tonight however, that would change, as Lennon began to unbutton her shirt.

Soon, Lennon was laying on her back, naked, as Taryn placed sweet and tender kisses on her neck and various parts of her torso. She hadn't planned on the evening going in this direction, but Lennon wasn't complaining. She was feeling a euphoric level of pleasure, and Taryn hadn't even begun to make love to her yet. Lennon sighed as Taryn began to slowly kiss down her left leg, and then even more slowly back up her right leg, gently caressing the leg that she wasn't planting kisses along.

Taryn wanted Lennon to be as tense as possible before she went for the treasure. She started kissing all the way back down Lennon's right leg, and then got off the bed, removing her bra and then her underwear. It was a new matching set which she'd bought at the market a couple of days ago, and she was all to happy to take it off for Lennon. Attractive women were her one and only weakness.

Unable to take her eyes away from Taryn's naked body, Lennon bit her lip and became even more tense than she was already. Taryn was the most beautiful woman Lennon had ever set her eyes on, and now, she simply couldn't wait a moment longer. Taryn was indeed a synth, but Lennon considered her to be a very attractive one, and Lennon was all to happy to give herself to Taryn, if it helped her to accomplish the task which was at hand.

"Fuck me" Lennon ordered.

Taryn grinned and got on the bed, getting into position and making sure she was comfortable before obliging Lennon's request, lustfully and hungrily.


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