Lieutenant Hatham tr'Krotash

Name Hatham ir-Eirav tr'Krotash

Position Security officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Sat Apr 8th, 2023 @ 10:30am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 1.98m (6'6")
Weight 131kg (289 lb)
Hair Color Drak brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Hatham works out like a gladiator (literally) to keep in fighting trim and it shows. Powerfully-built, he can give the appearance of walking mountain - tall but so muscular that he almost appears stocky. He wears what little hair he has short - no need to give an opponent anything to grab - but balances it with a short well-trimmed beard. When serious or angry, he can look quite intimidating or menacing. However, when relaxed he comes across as fairly mellow.


Father Valdus tr'Raedhoel
Mother N'ale t'Krotash
Sister(s) Dhael

Personality & Traits

General Overview Many would assume on looking at him that his ruling element is Earth, and in truth he has the immovably stubborn attitude associated with those ruled by that element. However, Hatham's element is Water, and like that element he can hit like a tidal wave and overwhelm like a flood, but also wear away at barriers by slow patient erosion. Depending on circumstances, he can be warm and buoyant, or ice cold; fluidly adapt to conform to what's around him, or be as hard and unyielding as an iceberg.

He gives the impression of being a tough guy and has the training and experience to back up that impression. However, 'all muscle, no brains' is only a (sometimes useful) facade. He is good at observation and deduction.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Beyond pure strength and size, he's also adept at the martial art of Llaekh-ae'rl as well as firearms and close combat with blades
+ Stoic, dedicated, loyal (once he decides loyalty has been earned)

- Extremely stubborn
- Mercurial temper that he has to work to keep under control (he tends to work off stress/anger/frustration by pounding a heavy bag)
Ambitions First, to survive and see to it his family survives. Second, to exact vengeance on those who sold out the people of the Empire for their own safety and political gain
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, history, gaming and good liquor. While serving with Federation forces during the Dominion War, he picked up a fondness for human Blues-style music

He takes a certain not-quite-guilty pleasure in seeing and/or causing something unpleasant to happen to people who deserve it.

Personal History Hatham was born in the Kazaak province on the eastern continent of ch'Rihan, to the riovan (weaponsmaster) and one of the vintners on a wealthy Noble's estate. Though technically the son of servants, his parents where in positions that assured that he never went without. However, willful, independent and just smart enough to work a way around most rules and obstacles, he got into a fair amount of trouble as a child. His father dealt dealt with that by introducing him to martial discipline - both the training and the sheer physical exhaustion of being pushed to the limits of stamina and ability. It did instill a level of discipline and self-control, and when he developed into a perfect specimen for recruitment into the Galae, those lessons served him well.

Hatham served in security for over two decades, fighting in the RSE's various conflicts with the Gorn, the Klingons, the Federation, and also fighting alongside those old adversaries in the Dominion War. It was exposure to them as allies that caused him to begin questioning (very privately since he was not stupid) the direction and practices of his own government. After the Reman revolt he could no longer even pretend unquestioning loyalty to the state, but he had served long enough to honorably discharge as his family needed more than a Galae Erein could provide. The House his parents served had been decimated when Shinzon assassinated most of the Senate, and took further losses in the conflict that followed, so the country estate was closed, and worse, loyal retainers were dismissed as if they were mere day laborers. And so using contacts with other former officers, Hatham became a mercenary - a job to which he was well suited, and one that could keep his parents and grandparents in a modest lodging.