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Lieutenant Delon N'Vok

Name Delon i-Mhiessan N'Vok

Position Tal Shi'ar Liaison

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 38
Character origin Romulus

Physical Appearance

Height 6'01"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He stands tall with a hidden musculature underneath his typical uniform. His eyes pierce whatever or whomever he looks at like a hawk.


Father Lhaes N'Vok
Mother Verelan N'Vok
Brother(s) Ejiul N'Vok [Deceased]

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has a calm temperament that hides a fierce patriotism for the Empire. A smug attitude is present when speaking with subordinates or those he views as below his social station. His training has helped him develop a sharp mind that always analyzes a situation numerous times to see any potential outcomes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Extensive skill in operating computer systems; accessing, planting, altering or destroying information.

Has a detailed knowledge of Romulan political and military leaders.
Ambitions To facilitate the revival of the Star Empire to its former glory.
Hobbies & Interests Fine wine and spirits.

Personal History Delon was born on Romulus in 2348, the second son in a moderately successful senator's home. His father maintained a strong leadership role in the legislature while his mother ran a successful family winery. Growing up in a privileged household exposed Delon and his brother to a first rate education but also a window into politics when their father hosted dignitaries over for dinner and parties.

His brother Ejiul decided to join the military and went off to the Imperial War College. Just behind in age, Delon decided to pursue the challenge of the Intelligence Academy, studying under Commander Konsab. It was at this time that the Star Empire announced their return to galactic politics and events to the Federation after the incidents of destroyed outposts along the Federation Neutral Zone.

Upon graduation, he served on a remote outpost along the Klingon border and helped catch illegal smuggling by civilians in the sector. During the Klingon-Cardassian War, Delon assisted in information exchange with the Cardassians. At the outbreak of the war with the Dominion, he served in the Third Fleet. During the final push to Cardassia Prime, his elder brother Ejiul was killed while serving aboard a warbird.

The loss of his brother weighed heavily on Delon. He made sure that Romulan zones of control on Cardassia enforced strict punishment upon the people for any infractions of martial law. He took this opportunity to interrogate numerous Dominion and Cardassian agents, cementing his place on the fast track to leadership success.

However, the Shinzon uprising resulted in the death of his father in the Senate chambers along with many other leaders of noble houses. Delon made sure to use any information he could to assist the warbird Valdore and the USS Enterprise-E to defeat the human responsible for his father's death. After that time, Delon returned his attention to normal imperial security concerns including a plot by Klingon radicals to set up their own solar system within Romulan space.

He was on covert assignment at the time of the Hobus incident and was deeply disturbed by the destruction of Romulus. He has vowed to use any resources at his command to help facilitate the rebuilding of the empire and at any cost.
Relevant experience Intelligence Academy 2366-2370
Outpost Firebrand 2370-2373
Cardassian Sector 2373-2374
Third Fleet 2374-2376
Cardassia Prime 2376-2380
Covert Assignments 2381-2386