Lieutenant T'Ango

Name T'Ango

Position Advisor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Dosadi (1/16 human)
Date of Birth 2359
Age 28
Place of Birth Dosad (T'Elesh)
Languages Dosadi, Standard, Romulan, Klingon (poorly)
Character origin Dosadi Imperial Marines

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft (1.5 m)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Hair Color Tan/Cream colored fur with black highlights
Eye Color blue
Physical Description T'Ango, like most Dosadi, is an agile feliniod resembling a Terran cougar. She is average height (1.5 m) with a highly mobile but non-prehensile tail matching their torso length, and retractable claws in both fingers and toes. She has slightly more curve to her figure due to human heritage, but what would be called a boyish figure in a human. This is completely normal as for Dosadi noticeable breasts appear in females only during late pregnancy and disappear after weaning.


Father Commander Delos (47, Dosadi Flight Leader, ISS Lorenthian Battlegroup - MIA)
Mother S'elen (48, bard)
Brother(s) Coralo (22, farmer in Leyburn, England)
Other Family Va'Tek (27, Major, Korat (Dosadi Imperial Intelligence Service))

Personality & Traits

General Overview Normally a bold officer with a zest for any combat and a dramatic flair, her personal slogan has always been 'Qui audet adipiscitur' (Who dares, wins) but the events leading to the loss of her team left her more hesitant and prone to self-doubt.
Strengths & Weaknesses + highly skilled fighter, trained in Hakkoryu Jujutsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Escrima; excellent knife fighter and is never without several on her

+/- Big heart and a strong sense of honor

+/- She loves children and has always wanted her own, but repeated regeneration treats from combat injuries seem to left her infertile

- still struggles with PTSD and survivor's guilt
- dislike of telepathy and distrust of telepaths, though better than most Dosadi (Dosadi word for telepath literally translates as 'mind thief')
Hobbies & Interests T'Ango is an avid dancer and singer, and enjoys ancient popular music and dance styles. She feels it compliments her martial arts training as well as being plain old fun.

She enjoys reading, any form of music, and Japanese calligraphy (hitsuzendo).

Personal History T'Ango was born into an unusual family. Dosadi are not normally able to breed with humans, but back in 2269, her great-great-great-grandmother, a Marine, met and fell in love with a Starfleet engineer on the Officer Exchange Program. Against advice, the two met with a xenogeneticist in Marseilles, France, and they managed to produce four offspring, eventually leading to T'Ango. Her family has a strong tradition of service in both the Imperial and Federation militaries.

She grew up on both Dosad and Earth, spending time at her family homes in T'Elesh, Dosad, and Leyburn in North Yorkshire, England. She traveled extensively on both planets and in Buenos Aires, Argentina discovered a love of salsa dancing and particularly for the tango, inevitably leading to her nickname 'Tango'.

Upon completing her ritual testing for adulthood at age 16, T'Ango joined the Imperial Marines and worked her way through the Imperial Military Academy at Dalen, earning dual degrees in xenology and mechanical engineering. Graduating at 21, she spent a year on fleet duty leading a battlegroup (about the size of two platoons) of infantry. Seeking a bigger challenge, she entered the training program for the Raider Teams and specialized in weapons and medic training.

She earned several decorations for valor during five years of duty with Raider Team 2 and has an extensive honor tattoo around her left eye. She earned her Warrior Pendant at age 18 and still proudly carries the scars down her back from that event. Raider Team 2 maintained a very high op tempo throughout both allied and enemy territory including missions in Federation, Romulon, Cardassian, Sindareen, and Klingon space. On their last mission, Raider Team 2 was discovered by a child in their AO. Refusing to kill the child, they elected to bug out instead. Surrounded, the team was wiped out, leaving Lt. T'Ango as the sole survivor.

Her team destroyed, she was assigned by the Dosadi High Command to the Officer Exchange Program in the hopes that she could both learn from the Federation special forces and regain her mental balance as an operator. She was not mated and had, since the loss of her Team, had withdrawn considerably from her friends and family. While there she met Ash Rogers, Renee Hernandez, Nancy Gable, Divash, and Gunnar Arnason, who helped her heal. Over time she and Arnason have became t'mewt ['beloved friends'; lovers]. They joined Picard's rescue mission together and when it was abandoned they left together to continue to mission however they could. Though the Dosadi Imperium and the Romulan Star Empire had a long history of conflict, the Dosadi considered it a matter of honor to try to provide aide to a worthy foe. While the small stellar power couldn't rise to the sort of effort Picard had envisioned, they have been supplying what resources they could spare.

T'Ango has supplemented that with the Cat Dancing a UFP registered Orion freighter-hauler that she once acquired for clandestine missions and re-purposed for smuggling refugees.