Sublieutenant Jatel Von

Name Jatel Von

Position Specialist Scientist

Rank Sublieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Date of Birth January 20, 2351
Age 36
Place of Birth Leran Manev, Trill
Languages Trill, Federation Standard, smattering of Rihannsu

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description - Slight to average build
- Ambidextrous
- Often sports a faint scowl, doesn’t readily smile
- Proud, stiff, nearly stilted carriage
- Dark Trill spots in a standard configuration


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arven Von (unjoined)
Mother Paden Von (unjoined)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Ovira Jaz (joined)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jatel Von’s biggest personality trait is a stark lack of moral compass, with a very black-and-white logical viewpoint on life and duty. He is not a clinical psychopath by any means, but he is a strong believer that the ends justify the means… for anything, anywhere. In fact, he often cannot even conceive moralistic choices when a more direct path to the solution exists. Invasive testing on live, sentient subjects; sacrificing the few for the greatest benefit of the many; circumventing the rules to get the quickest results - these are the types of decision-making processes that come most readily to him, and often can't understand or conceive less efficient but more acceptable methods.

These moral shortcomings precluded him from joining with a Trill symbiont, as well as the selection processes of organizations such as Starfleet or the Trill Science Ministry. Aside from this major personality trait, though, he is relatively normal. He functions adequately in social settings, exhibits loyalty, and has a strong work ethic. He does chafe under scrutiny and authority, though, when conflict occurs between his way of producing results and when less efficient but more moralistic methods are demanded. Likewise, socially he can seem overly self-assured and can rub people the wrong way when he can’t seem to understand their moral inclinations. He can be dismissive and patronizing to ideas that seem overly sentimental to the detriment of efficient results, regardless of the circumstances.

Being reminded of his failed status in symbiont joining elicits a strong negative emotional response in Jatel, and his response is often not commensurate with the situation in which it is brought up.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong work ethic
+ Loyal to causes he aligns himself with

- No moral compass
- Intolerant to ‘irrational’ differences in opinion
- Obsessive with his personal scientific pursuits, though not to the detriment of his responsibilities
- Responds unfavorably to being reminded that he is not joined
Ambitions Jatel Von’s one goal in life was to be joined with a symbiont, applied to the Symbiosis Institute many times, but was always rejected for not having a stable psychological profile. These rejections have sharpened and exacerbated his personality quirks, almost to a narcissistic point.

He has an unspoken but fervent belief that he can circumvent the Symbiosis Institute and determine an artificial means of attaining symbiosis between sentient species, and this is his driving force. His overarching goal, joining organizations that accept him until his personality flaws run afoul of their standards, is to gain access to scientific resources to study his passion on the side. It is a side project, of course; he is dedicated in his own manner to the role he is given by any organization he joins, as long as he can pursue his own goals in his free time. Often, though, his methods of researching this personal goal have been the divisive factor that has disassociated him with reputable organizations.
Hobbies & Interests As a consequence of his personality and driving ambitions, Jatel Von does not have any easily defined favorite recreational pastimes. He will attend social functions when they further his needs, and reads scientific literature in his fields of study or interest. Otherwise, his free time is often spent in the pursuit of his ambitions in genetic advancement.

Personal History Jatel Von dedicated his secondary schooling and early adulthood into grooming for acceptance for a symbiont joining. This included applications to Starfleet and the Trill Science Ministry for the prestige and experience these organizations could provide. However, psychological profiling precluded him from these and other reputable organizations as well as being rejected permanently by the Symbiosis Institute.

Pivoting towards obsession, Jatel immersed himself in genetic and xenobiological learning, both academic and self-study. He has spent the last decade working with and for numerous lower-tier scientific organizations, though he has gained an unsavory reputation for shortcuts and unethical methods. His discreditable methods have seen him ostracized from many of his scientific peers in the Federation, and he has been searching for access to scientific laboratories further and further afield as his reputation precedes him.

As of late, Jatel has even been approaching governmental science organizations of entities that were once or are still considered hostile to the Federation. The imminent risk to the Romulan home star system has emboldened Jatel to take advantage of the situation, with the potential riches of access to Romulan Ministry of Science assets and knowledge too great to pass up.

Jatel is estranged from his family, indeed from many of his race, due to his simmering anger in being denied a symbiont joining and his subsequent heretical belief in finding alternate means of communion between sentient species similar to a joining. He is especially incensed and affronted by his sister, who succeeded in joining where he failed.
Relevant experience - Extensive training and experience in the biological sciences, especially genetics and xenobiology
- Extensive experience in adapting to and becoming proficient with unfamiliar and alien scientific equipment and procedures
- Intensive self-training in Rihannsu in preparation for gaining access to Romulan scientific technology