Act I: Fireborn

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Included Missions

Chapter VI: Racing the Storm

Post Count: 1

Prologue: Before the Inferno

Post Count: 24

Prologue: we are introduced to the members of the three crews, as their story begins...

Chapter I: Resurgam

Post Count: 14

The IRW Dominus and the mercenaries of the Raven's Claw begin their mission to acquire an old warbird. The refugee flotilla begins their journey.

Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana

Post Count: 39

With more and more things going wrong, the crew of the Raven's Claw and the survivors of the flotilla head to Drozana station for some well-earned shore leave, and to regroup their forces...

Chapter II: Spreading our Wings

Post Count: 9

After gaining some vital information on Drozana, as well as some new crewmates, the Raven's Claw departs, to capture a new warbird...