Name Description
IRW Ourainavassa The Ourainavassa is a modified Mogai-class warbird prototype, incorporating a number of technologies given to the Romulans by the Federation, as part of their alliance during the Dominion War, as well as some developments made by the Tal Shiar. In addition to an improved cloaking device with 10% reduced energy consumption, and unique black hull plating, intended to reduce the ship's visual profile when not under cloak, the Ourainavassa is equipped with several experimental technologies previously unseen on a Romulan vessel. Despite the Romulan's distrust of AI, the ship carries a Federation-style computer core with full voice control and streamlined system access. The LCARS system has been adapted in appearance for use by Romulans, but maintains its tried and tested functionality. This also comes with replicators, two fully-equipped holodecks, and other minor alterations, providing her crew with more convenience and improved quality of life.

However, the computer core is not the only experimental technology on this prototype vessel. Instead of the disruptor arrays typical of Romulan ships, the Ourainavassa carries newly-developed Polarized Disruptors. In addition to firing a blueish-purple, rather than a green beam, these weapons are more effective against deflector shields, although this comes with reduced damage against unshielded targets. However, the main feature of these new weapons is that they can also be used to generate an EMP-like effect, temporarily disrupting a target's systems without causing any physical damage. The Artificial Singularity Core has also received some developments, increasing its stability, as have the ship's impulse engines, which operate at a lower temperature, further reducing the ship's sensor footprint and emit a glow of similar colour to its beam arrays, rather than the traditional Romulan green.

However, all of these upgrades come with some tradeoffs. In order to still be able to power the new disruptor arrays, the number of these had to be reduced, with the ship carrying two arrays on the leading edge of each wing, and none facing aft. The new, sensor-resistant hull plating is also less effectively armoured, and the ship's deflector shields are somewhat weaker, meaning she will have to rely more on her stealth systems for defence in a firefight. However, a skilled crew should be more than able to overcome these drawbacks and turn the Ourainavassa into an immensely powerful weapon.
Kestrel This craft owned by Taryn is heavily based on Starfleet's Aeroshuttle design - with the main difference being the position of the engines. Instead of the engines being wing-mounted Dr Keith Atkinson positioned Kestrel's engines in the fuselage. This feature allows the craft's wings to fold so it can fit into smaller hangars and take up less space once inside them.

Kestrel is also heavily armed and shielded for a craft of its size. The propulsion and deflector shielding systems were both designed by Atkinson with the rest of the craft's systems and armour being acquired from traders. Although Kestrel's primary purpose is to carry freight its cargo hold can be repurposed to carry up to five passengers in addition to the pilot.

Kestrel's largely automated cockpit is located at the bow of the craft with the cargo bay - and access ramp - at the stern. The pilot's quarters, cooking facilities, a work station and a transporter pad are positioned between the cockpit and cargo bay. The pilot's access hatch can also be found in this section on the starboard side.