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Fifth Door, Starboard Side

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 5:19pm by Lennon Stephenson

Mission: Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana
Location: Various
Timeline: 238701.05

Lennon had completed her two dessert drop offs for the evening, and decided to make a start on trying to find the synth her scanner had detected during the second drop off to Raven back on the station. She'd ruled out Ash's quarters, as well as the twins', and decided to start at the corridor end she'd arrived from. One by one, Lennon briefly paused outside each door and allowed her scanner to do its work. She also made sure to keep a close eye and ear on her surroundings, as if anyone saw what she was doing, Lennon would have a job on her hands trying to cover her tracks. After all, she was merely a chef, not a security officer.

With the doors on the corridor's port side completed, Lennon swapped over to the starboard side at the other end. As she was about to start, Lennon heard a door opening, so she quickly pocketed her scanner and kneeled down, pretending be tying her shoelace. Once the coast was clear, Lennon resumed her task. After reaching the fifth door on the starboard side, Lennon struck gold. Whoever the synth was, they were in that room. That's all the scanner could tell her though, and unless she camped outside and waited for the occupant to leave, which might not happen for some time, Lennon had no idea who was behind the door. It was also entirely possible there was more than one synth on board.

"Bingo" Lennon whispered.

Lennon decided it would look too suspicious if she stood around outside. Even though it was still early enough for the occupant to leave the room, it was also late enough for them to decide to stay in for the rest of the evening. In fact, Lennon regularly retired to her quarters earlier than this when she was on the Pinto with her Uncle Robert and Alan, and also when she was on the Victoria. She really missed the Victoria, and the people she loved and cared about who also called the veteran Excelsior-class vessel home.

After a brief consideration of what course of action to take, Lennon knew using the computer to find out who the quarters were assigned to was completely out of the question, as she didn't have the clearance, and asking around would seem suspicious. As she walked back along the corridor, Lennon decided it would be best to avoid suspicion and rely on her discreet scanner instead. However, once she found out who the synth was, Lennon knew exactly where to go when the time came to apprehend them.

"I'm coming for you, synth" Lennon whispered.

After arriving back in the galley, Lennon accessed the terminal, and her personal files, all of which were cooking recipes. Once the scanner was successfully connected, Lennon uploaded the data from her scanner into her personal files, powering off her terminal and disconnecting the scanner once the data transfer was completed. A careful, discreet approach was going to be needed, as even though Lennon had the tools to finish the job, she was working alone and could easily be overpowered if her plan was discovered.

"Time for bed, I think" Lennon said.

After pocketing the scanner and leaving her galley, Lennon secured the door behind her. The experience was invaluable, but being away from her family and friends made her feel isolated. With any luck, Lennon wouldn't be there for long.


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