Subcommander Kaiae t'Lien

Name Kaiae t'Lien

Position Acting Commander

Rank Subcommander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m (5'8")
Weight 65.7kg (145lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Pale Ice Blue
Physical Description Attractive and fit, with a thin scar diagonally along her left cheekbone from near her temple to just below her nose/above her mouth and several smaller ones visible on her neck and hands, and long hair that she keeps tightly and intricately pinned up while on duty.


Father Niren
Mother Vareth
Brother(s) Soren (deceased), Telik (deceased)
Other Family Grandmother: Liahna
Grandfather: Sojek
Aunt: Taela
Other: Torren (15), Ariah (3) (Children of her mother's second cousin now being raised by her mother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sociable yet discreet, Kaiae is skilled at phrasing and enjoys wordplay and is skilled at managing and weighing multiple, potentially competing or contradictory requests or agendas and navigating such situations. She has in reality, however, far less patience for fools (and in general) than she is capable of giving the impression she does, something which occasionally slips through to those observing closely.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kaiae has keen hearing, even for a Romulan; and is capable of intense focus when necessary, but also of simply remaining open to whatever may potentially be observed. As, until recently, a communications officer, she possesses a decent combination of both technical and 'soft' skills, but neither to the degree that a fully dedicated specialist in either would have. As the only one of her parents' children to have survived the war with the Dominion, and not yet having had the chance to have children of her own, she is perhaps somewhat more risk-averse than some.
Ambitions If you had asked her several years ago; it was to someday command her own ship or otherwise rise to command rank. More recently, mostly she aspires to successfully extract her family and as many others as possible from the impending disaster.
Hobbies & Interests Kaiae enjoys word games and puzzles, fencing and knife techniques, sketching, and baking.

Personal History The eldest of the three children of a legal intercessor and a banker, while technically the blood of a noble house runs through Kaiae's veins, the nature of the ancestry is diluted to the point of meaning next to nothing in practical terms - a point her parents and grandparents had in the forefront of their minds when they encouraged her to pursue her former specialty as a communications officer, knowing that in such a role she would learn to navigate the complexities of competing agendas and the sort of political survival skills that those of even loftier birth which she would no doubt one day have to compete against when attempting to rise to higher rank would have learned since childhood and would already possess.

Typical for any warbird comms officer, even early in her career Kaiae found herself quite often exposed to or entrusted with highly sensitive information well above her rank, and sometimes caught between contradictory orders or inquiries from her own commander; other officers; the Tal'Shiar; headquarters command staff; and political officials. As her family had predicted, learning to successfully exist (or even simply survive) within this landscape tended to be every bit as integral to the position as more overtly stated duties such as ensuring proper comm silence under cloak and fulfilling communications censor roles, and she quickly developed both keen observational skills and a tendency to try to avoid overtly committing herself until certain of the dynamics of a situation and of which side of it she wished to be on.

During the war with the Dominion, she found herself additionally responsible often for coordination and communications exchanges with other allied ships and their personnel, and for ensuring all parties understood important details or plans that might in some cases vary in interpretation based on cultural or technical context; for a time she even served as part of the Romulan staff aboard allied headquarters on DS9, as part of the team handling communications for the officials assigned. The war would unfortunately lead to the deaths of both of Kaiae's younger brothers, and nearly to her own as well - the ship aboard which she served at the time of the invasion of Cardassia was heavily damaged in the final battle and boarded by Dominion forces, leading to the deaths most of the officers and crew aboard and seriously injuring Kaiae herself while repelling the Jem'Hadar boarding parties.

Upon her return to duty afterwards, she had for the most part a relatively unremarkable service record, attracting neither exceptional praise nor negative notice, as is often the safest route to a long and successful career. More recently however, that came to an abrupt end when Kaiae was approached by her commander at the time to join an effort - very much not officially sanctioned - to save more of the Romulan people residing on the homeworld and the core worlds of the Empire from the impending supernova.

A variety of unfortunate events afterwards which forced changes to the original plan was followed shortly thereafter by the disappearance of her commander in a confluence of unknown events that seemed to be full of tells of political peril; all the moreso on learning that she had first arranged for Kaiae's own promotion from lieutenant to subcommander, a move highly unusual for both her exceedingly young age for it, and for having skipped over the intervening rank of centurion; making Kaiae fear that whatever the commander had become ensnared in, she feared she would not survive it. Not long after, the situation became more precarious still when their activities became known to the government of the Empire and resulted in the announcement of charges of treason for Kaiae and most of the others aboard.

In the time since, she has attempted to serve as best she can in roles she inherited as the head of the Romulan personnel aboard and to bring to fruition the plan to rescue at least the families of those who now follow her; but she is undeniably in far, far over her head.