Lieutenant Rehana t'Shaan

Name Rehana t'Shaan

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant


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Wed Mar 1st, 2023 @ 5:39pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan (Southern)
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 156 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall, lithe. Dark brown hair that she keeps in a pixie cut, laughing green eyes. Rehana also has some fairly interesting tattoos. It was shore leave, she got into a drinking contest with a Klingon, she regrets nothing.


Spouse Unmarried
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Jenaya t'Shaan. Unknown location.
Brother(s) Lhaes t'Shaan. Pilot. Location unknown.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cheerful and energetic, Rehana's one true love is computers and tech. She also likes to make references to various science fiction and fantasy stories. She's a Nerd and she's proud of it. She's also very curious and inquisitive-sometimes to everyone's chagrin.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Clever, curious, good at sneaky plans that are so wacky that they just might work.
Weaknesses: Doesn't know when to quit, sometimes too clever for her own good.
Ambitions TBD
Hobbies & Interests TBD

Personal History TBD
Relevant experience Didn't enlist in the Imperial navy cause it really, really wasn't a good fit for her. Signed up with Raven and co. after a particularly interesting incident on Drozana Station. (If you ask Rehana about it, her story will change every time.)