Colonel Sehan t'Varis

Name Sehan "Raven" t'Varis

Position Supporting Characters

Rank Colonel


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Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 7:40pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half-Romulan
Age 26
Character origin Freelancer

Physical Appearance

Height 150cm
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Slim, short young woman with a distinctively human appearance (DNA tests show she is 50% Romulan, 25% Orion, 25% Human), except for the pointy, romulan-like ears that she usually hides under her bob-like white hair. She is of youthful appearance, with piercing amber eyes, and usually wears a black skirt, white button-down shirt with a black necktie, a utility belt complete with dagger and plasma pistol, high black leather boots, and leather gloves. When off the ship, this is complemented by a long leather coat. Both her shirt and coat have black rank boards on the shoulder with four silver stripes - the old starfleet Captain's insignia - as well as the rank pips of a Tal Shiar Colonel on the collar.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Other Family Eavy (Qan-to foxcat, female), pet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Determined, no-nonsense individual with a snarky, sarcastic sense of humour. Takes a long time to warm up but a loyal friend once she becomes close to someone. Shows a hard shell, but has a real soft side once she lets someone see it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + reliable, loyal, intelligent, observant
- hot-headed, mistrustful, often misreads social situations
Hobbies & Interests Collects 20th-21st century Earth artifacts, enjoys vids and other entertainments from that time; loves spending time with her pet, Eavy; has a keen interest in bladed weapons; enjoys both spicy and sweet foods very much; collects dark rum.

Personal History Nothing much is known about the young woman simply known as “Raven”. When she enlisted in Starfleet academy in 2380, she had given her name as “Sehan t’Varis” - most likely, this name was a made-up pseudonym. An examination of her DNH showed that, although she did not display any of the distinctive traits of the Romulan species, such as ears or forehead ridges, she was indeed half-Romulan, on her father’s side; her maternal DNA indicates that her mother was also a hybrid, with both human and orion elements found. In her second year at the academy, Raven got into a physical fight with several other cadets, which resulted in one of them dying. The definite sequence of events was never determined, and she fled the academy and indeed the Sol system before any trial could take place.

Over the next few years, Raven began to make her name in the underworld, becoming known for her subterfuge skills - a trait the Romulans are renowned for - indicating that during her youth she may even have enjoyed some Tal Shiar training. In 2383, Raven became the leader of her own little band of pirates, operating from a modified freighter before, in 2384, they managed to salvage a decommissioned 22nd century Bird-of-Prey, restoring it to full functionality over the next year, and naming it the Raven’s Claw, with Raven as its commanding officer.

A few months later, Raven and her crew were approached with a request to aid in the theft of a D’Deridex-class heavy warbird…
Relevant experience 2380-82
Starfleet Academy, command track
Expelled for involvement in the death of a fellow cadet

Became leader of mercenary/pirate/smuggler gang

Salvaged Raven's Claw and took command

Hired to aid in theft of IRW Ourainavassa
Took Command of the mixed Romulan-Freelancer crew
Took Tal Shiar commission, rank Colonel