Lieutenant Xia Idris

Name Xia Idris

Position Specialist Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Date of Birth November 9, 2360
Age 26
Place of Birth Rixx, Betazed
Languages Betazed, Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi, Dominion, Vulcan, Tellarite, Andorian, Bajoran, many others
Character origin Project Thalion

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lb
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Lean and athletic body from frequent training and exercise. She has a black tattoo of three wavy lines in a circle on the back of her neck. It is an ancient Betazed symbol for the mind called a thalion.


Father Vash
Mother Juvra
Sister(s) Siri (younger), Dena (younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Xia is wry and sarcastic, but not cynical, more playful and flirtatious. She holds her life lightly, preferring to live for the moment, knowing at any time it could end. She loves her freedom.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Telepathic, telekinetic, combat psionic, natural linguist (enhanced by her telepathy), intelligent, athletic, information gathering, computer programming and hacking

Weaknesses: Makes no plans for the future, keeps friends at arm's length, sometimes doesn’t take things seriously enough, commitment issues
Ambitions Keep on the move, keep latinum in her pocket.
Hobbies & Interests Chess, go, sudoku, word puzzles and ciphers, learning languages, computer programming and hacking, holo-programming, exercise, knife fighting

Personal History Xia Idris was born the oldest child of a minor noble house in the Betazed capitol. Her parents were minor functionaries in the government, but well off from their family inheritance and government salary.

Xia was a precocious child, learning to talk well before her peers, and never shutting up. She had a facility for learning languages, and was swearing in Klingon by the time she started school, frightening her teachers. Her mental abilities also showed remarkable advancement.

In primary school, Xia continued to learn languages, but she also started doing computer and holographic programming, at first just hacking the code of her children’s holo-novels, then going on to write her own.

Then came the Dominion invasion of Betazed when she was fourteen. As a promising psi talent, Xia was taken early in the occupation to the research facilities of Dr. Crell Moset, a Cardassian war criminal doing research on telepathy to try and breed it into the next batch of Jem’Hadar. Xia was subjected to brutal experimentation of her abilities.

Xia’s year in hell wasn’t without its silver lining. It was here she learned a technique to link to another mind while she slept, allowing her to learn their language more rapidly, developing the technique on her Jem’Hadar guards to learn Dominion. Her telepathy grew even more powerful, and the experiments unlocked latent telekinetic abilities in the young teenager.

The experiments with the Jem’Hadar and telepathy ended in failure, and with the Betazed rebellion and the withdrawal of the Dominion, Xia was freed from the facility at the end of the war, receiving counseling.

As one of the first generation of Betazeds to unlock their latent telekinetic abilities, Xia was put into a program to help hone her abilities. The most promising were put under the care of Dobri Tora, one of the more militant Betazeds in response to the Dominion occupation. He was one of many that argued that Betazed had been pacifistic for too long and needed to hone their natural gifts in a more offensive nature. Naturally, he and his ideas were shunned by the majority of Betazed society, so he turned to Section 31.

The old Dominion research facility was repurposed, and Project Thalion was born. Dobri took his new recruits into a new training regimen, no less arduous, and only slightly less brutal, if more purposeful. It emphasized strength of body and mind, putting both through rigorous training, developing their bodies, telepathy, and telekinesis into weapons. Training also included intelligence techniques, telepathically sifting a room, seduction and indirect interrogation, cyphers, and other craftwork.

When her Thalion training was complete, Xia entered Starfleet Academy. Section 31 needed to position new assets in Starfleet after the post-war witch hunt had thinned their ranks. At the Academy, Xia entered the Operations track, with a focus on computers and communications, continuing her linguistic and computer training.

After graduation, Xia was assigned as an Operations officer to the USS Winchester. She put in her first tour and then cashiered out, preferring to take her skills freelance. With no reputation to establish her, she started working mostly for a private intelligence and security service called Blackwatch, under the director Artemis Pierce, a former Starfleet captain who had been rather publicly court martialed for Section 31 activities, but had somehow avoided anything worse than a demotion and dishonorable discharge. Blackwatch was good to her, offering additional training, and paid well.

Recently, however, Pierce somehow managed to get reinstated into Starfleet, and with his own ship. He offered Xia a position, but she declined, enjoying her freedom. In the reshuffle at Blackwatch as Pierce’s brother took over the operations, her contracts grew fewer, and she found herself needing to take other work. Hearing that a Romulan outfit, of all things, was hiring, Xia decided to give it a try.
Relevant experience 2374 - Dominion occupation of Betazed; Crell Moset’s experiments
++Expansion of her telepathic abilities
++Awakening of her telekinetic abilities

2375 - Dominion War ends
++Post-traumatic counseling

2375-2378 - Project Thalion
++Intense physical, mental, and combat training, and how to use them together.
++Intelligence training

2378-2381 - Starfleet Academy
++Operations track with specialties in communications and computers, programming and engineering
++Further linguistics training

2381-2384 - Operations Officer USS Winchester
++Use and maintenance of communications and computer equipment
++Further linguistics training

2385-2386 - Freelance, often employed by Blackwatch
++Intelligence gathering
++Small team field work

2387- Signs on to the IRW Ourainavassa as Chief Communications Officer