Lieutenant Mila Lynn

Name Mila Lynn

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


  • 59 Mission Posts

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Thu Aug 24th, 2023 @ 4:24pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (genetically engineered)
Date of Birth 236905.27
Age 17
Place of Birth Cera
Languages Galactic Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Federation Standard Sign Language
Character origin Freelancer

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm
Hair Color Turquoise
Eye Color Turquoise
Physical Description Apart from her striking hair and eyes, Mila's appearance is fairly unremarkable, with a short and slim stature.


Brother(s) Miles (twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quick witted and extremely intelligent, Mila has an almost superhuman gift for numbers and mathematics. She is an expert in temporal sciences, as well as physics and chemistry, despite her young age. She is more trusting than her brother, but still careful with new people.
Strengths & Weaknesses + highly intelligent

- easily overwhelmed by noise, often prefers to not use her aural implants
- slightly distrustful, highly dependent on her brother

Personal History Miles and Mila Lynn were born on the colony world of Cera, as the only children of a couple of scientists. Even at an incredibly young age, the two showed exceptional aptitudes – Miles had incredibly fast reflexes, but, unfortunately, he had also been born with Vrolik’s syndrome, causing his bones to be extremely brittle. Mila, on the other hand, had shown a remarkable gift for the sciences, especially mathematics, but was herself impaired by having been born deaf. Medical technology was able to alleviate both their disabilities – Miles’ bones were reinforced with titanium implants, and Mila’s hearing was restored with adapted borg technology. Nevertheless, Miles remained extremely timid, and avoided physical exertion wherever possible, while Mila only activated her aural implants when absolutely necessary, often feeling overwhelmed by the cacophony of sound around her.
On their thirteenth birthday, the twins’ world was shaken to the core. They discovered that both their gifts and their disabilities were the result of botched genetic engineering by their parents, who had hoped to create the “perfect” children. They were never able to forgive their parents for this, and, one year later, their parents woke to find their children gone, on the morning of their fourteenth birthday.
From that point on, Miles and Mila used their talents to try and make their own way in the galaxy, Miles having become an excellent pilot, and Mila having developed an interest in temporal dynamics, soon becoming an expert in the field. They acquired a shuttlecraft, and travelled around the neutral zone, offering their services to the highest bidder. Miles made a name for himself as a racing pilot, and with her knowledge of numbers and statistics, Mila earned good money at the bookmakers.
But eventually, things went wrong. They had become too confident, and when a streak of bad luck hit, the twins lost nearly everything. Looking for a new way forward, they made their way to Drozana station, selling their shuttle to pay for a few months of lodging while they tried to find a crew to hire them both.