Lieutenant Daisy Stanier

Name Daisy Amber Stanier

Position Nurse

Rank Lieutenant


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Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 1:04pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Synthetic Human
Date of Birth January 19, 2375 (activated)
Age 12
Place of Birth Liverpool, England, Earth
Languages Federation Standard
Character origin Freelancer

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Daisy is a short woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She always presents herself smartly when she is on duty and when off duty she usually likes to go for the smart casual look


Spouse Skylar Southgate
Father Paul Stanier (deceased)
Mother Amber Stanier (deceased)
Sister(s) Azalea Stanier (activated 2382)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daisy is a generally reserved person who prefers her own company after making a decision not to replace the friends she lost after one of them betrayed her confidence. She is also a very hard working and dedicated person who always puts 100% effort into everything
Strengths & Weaknesses + Very good listener
+ Good use of initiative
+ Very caring

- Sometimes trusts the wrong people
- Unwilling to socialise and trust people
Hobbies & Interests Daisy enjoys listening to music and reading in her quarters. She also enjoys going out on long walks which she feels gives her the time and head space to think about the events of the day