Five of Eight

Name Five of Eight

Position General Engineer


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Tue Aug 22nd, 2023 @ 7:39pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Borg hybrid
Date of Birth 04.08.2351
Age 36
Place of Birth Earth
Languages English (basic)

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 4in
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Five of Eight stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall the only sign that he was once a Borg drone is the remnants of the eyepiece over his right eye which is artificial.


Father Eric (assimilated: unknown)
Mother Stephanie (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having spent the majority of his life as part of the Collective Five of Eight tends to prefer to be alone, and prefers to keep to himself, his enhanced strength and speed makes him a useful worker.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Enhanced Strength
+ Enhanced Speed
+ Reliable worker

- Lone Wolf
- Prone to Moods
- Prefers to keep to himself

Personal History Damon Wood was born on the planet Earth on the 8th of April 2351 the only child of Eric and Stephanie White, Eric owned his own freighter which travelled to many different parts of the known galaxy, Stephanie worked for Starfleet as a Nurse.

In 2357 Eric and Damon were in the Beta Quadrant at the behest of Starfleet on a mission to ferry supplies and personnel to a scientific outpost, when the freighter was attacked by the Borg, all personnel on board including Damon aged 6 were assimilated.

During the period 2357-62 Damon Wood was in a Borg Maturation Chamber as he evolved from a child of Species 5618 into an adult drone of Species 5618, once 17 cycles had elapsed it emerged from the chamber he was fully Borg, a mindless zombie enslaved to the Hive Mind.

Five of Eight as it was known served the Collective from 2362 until 2382 when it was severed from the Collective, when the Borg Probe it was assigned to was destroyed whilst Five of Eight was on the surface of a planet searching for the origins of a distress beacon.

Sometime between 2382 and 2387 Five of Eight joined a group known as the Vulture, for reasons known only to the Vulture they left Five of Eight as it was when they 'rescued' it, the only difference was Five of Eight was no longer part of the Collective.

Somewhere along the journey with the Vulture Five of Eight found that it was unable to work for the Vulture, and left their ranks and fell in with the crew of the IRW Ourainvassa.