Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ashix Zirda

Name Ashix Zirda

Position Chief Systems Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant (Junior Grade)


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sikarian/Borg
Date of Birth 2342
Age 45
Place of Birth Sikaris
Languages Galactic Standard, Sikarian

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Unlike most former Borg, Ashix Zirda was unable to have her Borg Implants successfully removed and maintains the traditional appearance of a Borg Drone.


Spouse Jaret Otel
Children None
Father Pistrik Zirda
Mother Gadri Zirda
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Bolsi Zirda
Ille Zirda
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashix Zirda is strategic, motivated, and organized. She has been described as a planner who likes to develop long-term initiatives, seek out inefficiency, and develop unorthodox solutions. She is quick witted, which has only been enhanced by her Borg traits.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Charismatic, Confident, High-Energy, Unorthodox
Weakness: Blunt, Poor Emotional Control, Sometimes arrogant
Ambitions To help undo the damage that the Borg has done throughout the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Before her assimiliation, Ashix Zirda had been a leader in her community and was frequently involved in different parties and sports. Since her deassimilation she is acutely aware of the impact her appearance has upon others and has become more solitary.

Personal History Born on Sikaris in 2342, Ashix Zirda had long felt like a fish out of water with her own people. Sikarians were a remarkably pleasure-oriented people, who found great pleasure in bringing pleasure to guests, and were known for their legendary hospitality and storytelling. Ashix never had an affinity for either. For Ashix much of her early life was spent learning as much as she could about her planet's history and place among the rest of the galaxy, with her goal to one day lead the Sikarians and help strengthen their position in the galaxy. This was at odds with the Sikarian way of bringing pleasure to themselves and others, leading to frequent challenges for Ashix as she matured and many holding negative views of her.

None were more surprised by Ashix and her nature than her own family. Ashix's family were well known merchants on Sikaris and were established storytellers within the community, firmly holding Sikarian tradition at heart. Despite their frequent challenges and disagreements, by Sikarian law Ashix was their legal heir as the firstborn and entitled to a portion of their business when she came of age. Ashix used this to springboard into the political arena, impressing several but generating animosity with others. While she was frequently invited to all the right parties and events, some grew quickly bored with Ashix's machinations and were perturbed by her.

Except for Jaret Otel. Jaret Otel, a local trader, had taken a strong interest in Ashix and they entered into a business partnership first and later a romantic one. Together they strengthened their business and were able to develop inroads with several governments for trade with the Sikarians, but their enterprise would be significantly hampered by Jaret's decision to aid the Federation Starship Voyager. With the Sikarian government deciding not to sell Spatial Trajector Technology to the lost starship, Jaret took it upon himself to sell the equipment to Voyager in exchange for their logs and literature against governmental decree. After Voyager left, Magistrate Gathorel Labin ordered the arrest of Jaret and investigated Ashix. Their business in ruin, the duo used a Spatial Trajector to escape.

Their escape gained the attention of the Borg Collective, leading the Collective to order their capture and assimilation for access to the Spatial Trajector technology. This led the Collective to launch an invasion of Sikaris, with the recently assimilated Ashix Zirda - who had been designated Second of Twelve - participating in the invasion.

Ashix Zirda remained a Borg Drone for nearly 13 years and assisted in the assimilation of countless species during that period. While a drone, Ashix also would reencounter the Starship Voyager - the same vessel that began her downward spiral - while assisting the Collective in the assimilation of the Kitarians. Assigned to the Borg Queen's Diamond, 2 of 12 was one of the few survivors of the Diamond's destruction by Voyager. This led to a feedback surge in her implants, temporarily allowing her access to Unimatrix Zero before correction.

In 2384, Ashix Zirda would be assigned to Borg Sphere 618 as an Operations Drone. Shortly after the assimilation of the Federation's New Haddonfield Colony the Sphere experienced a submatrix collapse and was cutoff from the rest of the Borg Collective in order to prevent devastation to the entire Collective. Most Borg continue to execute their last directives in a repeating loop following a collapse; however, Ashix was able to regain her memories and survive on the damaged Sphere for nearly two years before escape.

Her escape, however, came at a price. The former 2 of 12 was highly valued to the galactic underworld due to the concentration of nanoprobes and Borg technology with which she was fused. Hunted throughout the galaxy, and feared by all who she came across, Ashix has been on the run and hiding in Romulan territory - trying to avoid all who would bring her harm.
Relevant experience Ashix Zirda, alongside her husband and business partner Jaret Otel, ran her family's extensive merchant network on her native Sikaris prior to being labeled a criminal through her husband's assistance to the Federation Starship Voyager. During that time she became an expert in Administration and Operations functions.

Following her assimilation, Ashix was designated 2 of 12 and assigned as an Operations Drone within the Borg Collective. Operations Drones are responsible for the effective usage of resources on Borg vessels, similar to an Operations Manager on a Starfleet vessel.