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Meeting the new Tactical Officer

Posted on Tue Oct 26th, 2021 @ 10:53pm by Freya Mannerheim & Colonel Sehan t'Varis & Centurion Mavis Vermillion & Major Ashley Rogers

Mission: Chapter V: The Calm Before The Storm
Location: Commander's Ready Room, I.R.W. Ourainavassa
Timeline: 238702.28

After a quick breakfast and the morning briefings, Freya had headed to the Amelia's sickbay to collect Mavis and bring her over to the Ourainavassa. From there, they had gone straight to the transporter room, beamed over to the warbird, and headed straight for the ready room adjacent to the bridge.

"Okay, this should go smoothly," Freya explained as they stood outside the door. "Raven is a good person, I am sure you'll get along fine. I've told her that you used to captain a Terran ship, that you were branded a traitor and managed to escape. She also knows you're from the future, technically. And that you worked with my sister. In short, I've made sure you get the job. Don't think you'll have much to worry about with the XO, either. Ready to head in?"

Mavis nodded. She had changed out of the Terran uniform. Now she sported a dark grey v necked cropped shirt, black half jacket with breast pockets and a grey skirt. Casual but smart enough in Terran terms. "What about..." she placed a hand on her midriff. "This?"

"That as well. The medical staff here are skilled and adequately equipped. You'll be well looked-after." She pressed the door buzzer, and the door slid open immediately, revealing a spacious room with a large desk in one corner, a comfortable-looking sofa along one of the sides, and decorated with various model ships, a bat'leth, and other military memorabilia. Behind the desk sat a young, human-looking woman with cropped, pale pink hair and a warm, amber eye. The other eye was covered with a leather eye patch. She wore what looked like an old Earth military uniform, a simple grey blazer with a white undershirt and black tie. Pinned to the blazer's right lapel were the insignia of a Romulan colonel, and she wore a dark grey, oval badge on the left side of her chest, similar to the badge Captain Mannerheim had pinned on her uniform - it was only missing the insignia of the Terran Empire. The Colonel's outfit was completed by a silver pauldron on her left shoulder, with a thin red cape hanging from it. She smiled and nodded a greeting as Freya and Mavis entered.

"Ah, Captain," she said in a kind but businesslike voice. "That must be the new recruit you called me about yesterday." She turned to Mavis. "Mavis Vermillion, is that correct? I am Colonel Sehan t'Varis. Although everyone just calls me Raven. Please, take a seat. Major Rogers should be with us shortly."

Mavis looked around. "Thats me" she said stepping forward. "I assume you're looking for crew Colonel?" She asked as she lowered herself slowly into one of the seats.

Raven nodded. "Indeed. The Captain tells me you would be a good fit for the role of tactical officer. She mentioned you served in a senior position on a Terran vessel in the past."

A smile spread across Mavis' face. "You could say that" she replied with.

"Very good." Raven nodded again. She pressed a button on her console, and a holographic display came to life, displaying an overview of the ship. "Tell me, Miss Vermillion, are you at all familiar with the Mogai-class warbird?"

Ash arrived and smiled, "Started interrogating the newbie before I got here, Colonel?"

Raven chuckled. "Ah, Major. Welcome. Meet Mavis Vermillion, former Captain in the Terran Empire, who has escaped their execution for treason in the year 2410, and ended up here. That's about right, isn't it, Miss Vermillion?"

"Something like that" Mavis replied simply.

"Very good," Raven said with a nod. "Now, we may not be the Empire, but we do frown upon disloyalty, so, please refrain from committing any further acts of treason, at least against this crew. You will find our discipline far more lenient, as Major Rogers will be happy to confirm, but there are limits." She turned to Ash. "Miss Vermillion here is a good candidate for the job as our new tactical officer. Feel free to do your own interrogating, as you've put it. Oh, and why don't you brief her on our mission. I'm getting tired of telling the same story over and over again."

"The only 'treason' I am guilty of is getting knocked up by a Non-Terran and wanting a better, more peaceful future for The Empire" Mabis stated back simply. "I still carry that burden, quite literally. So trust me, if you'll have me and this child as part of your crew then I'll be your tactical officer. I have no where else to go so trust me, if you want loyalty you'll have it as long as you help me protect my child" she paused placing both hands on her exposed belly before looking back up. "Its too late to save my soul from hell, however, give me a chance to save hers"

Raven smiled. "You can be sure that you have nothing to worry about as far as the safety of your child is concerned, apart from the usual risks of being on a military vessel. Our medical staff are highly skilled and well-equipped, and they will provide the best care possible. As for worrying about your child being a hybrid, there is no need for concern. My own father was Romulan, my mother was an Orion-Human hybrid. Interbreeding between species is not uncommon, and certainly not frowned upon, by most societies, anyway."

"I'm not one to judge anyone for their past," Ash pointed out. "You and your child will get a fair chance here. Currently, we have two concurrent missions. We are tracking someone called the Vulture. They're picking off Romulan refugees and doing lord knows what with them. That's been our main priority. We are also working with some old friends of mine to try and evacuate as many people off of Romulus before their sun goes kablooey. We are a very versatile crew."

Raven smiled. "Three missions, actually. We are also working with the I.S.S. Amelia and her crew to stop a temporal incursion in the Hobus system from causing severe damage to the timeline. Several timelines, actually. We are pretty busy, all in all."

"I'm still in denial about needing to work with the Amelia," Ash said shaking her head. "Their XO is an ass."

Captain Mannerheim, who had remained silent during the entire exchange, raised an eyebrow. "Our XO, Major, is you. Technically speaking."

Ash smirked, "Yes, and?"

Raven burst out laughing. "I believe that was her point. Of course, she is also our acting Tactical Officer, so I am sure you will make her acquaintance soon, Miss Vermillion."

"I see" Mavis replied. "I will need to familiarise myself with your tactical controls. I don't know much about Romulan weaponry" she admitted.

Raven nodded. "Of course. This ship uses a lot of Federation technology, especially when it comes to the computer systems. As far as I am aware, Federation systems are very similar to those of the Terran Empire, and, in many areas even identical. I am sure you will find your way easily."

"That's what I thought too about the Romulan systems when I first came on board, but it actually isn't that bad. Takes a while to get used to all the green, but I can help walk you through some things as well," Ash offered.

Raven chuckled. "It might all seem the same shade of green to you, but Romulan eyes see a lot more colours in the green range than humans do."

Captain Mannerheim shrugged. "I just find the dim lighting on this ship rather pleasant. Us Terrans are more sensitive to bright light than humans from this universe."

"I'm sure my counterpart can fill you in as well. She'll be good at translating what we do here into Terran as we," Ash pointed out.

Mavis nodded. "Thanks" she said in response. "When do you wish me to start?"

Ash nodded, "Welcome aboard."

Raven smiled. "Right now, if you'd like." She reached into a drawer and pulled out a small, black box, flipping it open to reveal a small, oval badge with the image of a majestic bird etched into it, and an elongated, flared pin badge, both in silver. "Your combadge, and your rank badge. Since you were previously serving as a Captain, you shall be granted the rank of Centurion, equivalent to a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet ranks. We have no uniform, but please wear both badges where they are easily visible. Our chef and quartermaster, Sublieutenant Hernandez, will get you settled in." She tapped her badge and extended her flat hand, bringing up a holographic display. "This is how you activate the PADD included into your badge. It's preloaded with a map of the ship as well as files with all the relevant information you'll need to get yourself started. Make sure you synchronise your chronometer with ship's time, and report to the bridge at 0800 tomorrow to begin your introduction to our systems. Any questions?"


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