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A Visit to Sickbay

Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 11:18am by Sublieutenant Gedak & Centurion Nancy Gable & Lieutenant Kaol Ralaa

Mission: Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana
Location: Sickbay, Raven's Claw
Timeline: 238612.31

It had been a busy day for Gedak, ensuring that the ship was fully stocked with supplies. After visiting the armoury to get an idea what the situation was there, he had visited the galley and its attached cold storage. Finally, he was now making his way to Sickbay. Now that the Claw had medical officers, they would surely require supplies themselves. Which would be even more latinum to spend. Not something any Ferengi enjoyed doing.

When the door opened, he found sickbay deserted. Well, not quite deserted. Only few patients remained, and none of them seemed interested in Gedak's presence. But he could not see any of the medical officers. "Hello?", he called out. "Anyone work here?"

Nancy looked up at the call. A Ferengi too? This was an interesting crew. "I do," she said, heading over. "Dr. Gable, CMO. Do you need medical care?"

Gedak shook his head, and straightened his tie. He had not seen the human in the low light of the sickbay. "No. My name is Gedak." He remembered the insignia on his lapel. "Sublieutenant Gedak, apparently. I'm in charge of acquisitions and supplies. Or, in military terms, the quartermaster. Raven asked me to check the supply status of the key departments on the ship." He looked around. "So, Doctor, Cable, was it? Anything you need down here?"

"Gable," she corrected, but looked around the small medbay eloquently. "As to what we, need: quite a lot."

Kaol chuckled at the Ferengi. They're always so delightfully aggravating... when dealing with other people. After his encounter with Ashley Rogers earlier, he's glad that someone is aggravating Gable this time. "Mr. Gedak!" he called out. "I'm Dr. Kaol Ralaa, and I am in the market for a prosthetic for my patient."

The Ferengi nodded, and handed the Doctor a blank PADD. "I won't even pretend that I would be able to understand any of the requirements for that, so please, note them down on this PADD, and I will see what I can arrange." He liked a man that got to the point, with none of this pointless small talk nonsense. Too many words were a waste of time, and thus Latinum.

Kaol took the PADD from Gedak delightedly, about time someone is helpful, "Excellent. I'll get this back to you as soon I can. So, what else would you be able to acquire for us?"

The Ferengi gave a toothy grin. "Depends on how much latinum you are willing to contribute."

Kaol sighs, realizing that this wasn't not a well-equipped hospital on Romulus, but rather this was a mercenary ship, staffed by Ferengi and people like Nancy Gable and Ashley Rogers. "I suppose I'll also give you my wish list of equipment," looking at Gable, "With your approval, of course." He owed her that much for getting Rogers off of him.

"Of course," Nancy replied, and handed Gedak her PaDD, on which she'd been making a prioritized list. "And this is my list, which Raven will want filled so that we have what we need for next insanity this ship gets into."

Gedak looked over the list, and made some calculations in his head. This would not come cheap. However, this being Drozana, acquiring the materials and equipment listed should not be too difficult. "I think I should be able to get most of this stuff to you very quickly," the Ferengi said. "Of course, some of it won't be military-issue spec. But it will work."

Nancy puffed a laugh. "After years of working with stuff spec'd to little more than a wish and prayer, 'it will work' is more than acceptable."

The Ferengi nodded. "Then you will do well here, Doctor. We do try to get the best equipment available. But sometimes, 'the best available' is barely adequate."

Kaol visibly cringed. Intellectually he understood that this will be a different environment than what he is used to, but to be constantly reminded that substandard is the standard was aggravating. "I suppose it will be better than operating with a bat'leth...." he sighed.

Gedak shook his head. "Surgery with a bat'leth? Who do you think we are, Klingons? Please, Doctor. We are civilised, after all."

"That was just Dr. Ralaa's poor attempt at joke," Nancy said, tipping a brow at Kaol. "The only surgery I performed with a bat'leth was amputating the head of a pirate that attacked us."

"Oh. I see. Romulan humour." The Ferengi shrugged. "Now then, doctors, is there anything else this humble quartermaster can do for you, or shall I let you return to your work?"

"Yes. Romulan humor - it does take some getting used to," Nancy replied dryly, then offered the quartermaster a smile. "If you fill that list and get our patient a good prosthetic arm, that will be enough."

Gedak nodded. "If you require anything else, just send me a requisition note."


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