Welcome to the Ourainavassa!

By joining the Ourainavassa, you are not only taking on the role of a character, but you are becoming part of two communities, directly and indirectly. Directly, the Ourainavassa is a small community. Indirectly, as part of Zodiac fleet, the Ourainavassa is part of a much larger community. You are expected to treat each member of both this sim and the community with respect and kindness. Likewise, other players will be expected to treat you with respect and kindness.

Our goal is to create a safe, welcoming, in-depth environment for all of us to interact in.

Romulans are vastly different from Starfleet. Some scenes may depict actions which are absolute fiction meant for this fictional race and are entirely inappropriate for real life. Each player should realize this vast difference between the actions of the Characters and what is appropriate in real life.

Commander "Raven" t'Varis,
IRW Ourainavassa.

Rules of the ship

1. Respect your fellow player. This is the number one rule in this sim!

2. Have fun! If you aren't having fun, talk to the Command staff.

3. Post. An active sim is a fun sim. However, due to the current circumstances, we are somewhat more lenient on overall activity.

4. Create a strong character background and stick to it. Don't make your character a dyed in the wool coward and then three months later have them going all kung-fu on a horde of Klingon warriors. Don't change your character's abilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. after your character is approved without speaking to the Command staff. Plot lines do get influenced by character backgrounds.

5. No "god-moding". Your character can't be everywhere and doing everything.

6. Although this sim is rated 14+, that is not a license to write absolute gore, porn, etc. It is so that we can write about adult themes a little more in-depth. If you think there is something that may be inappropriate, please allow the Command staff to read before you send it. Keep the language to a minimum. Additionally, we insist on the Fade-to-Black concept familiar to most shows, including Star Trek.

7. Communicate about both things in and out of game. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, let the Command staff know. If you have a question about a plot, ask. If it is possible without giving away the overall plot, we will let you know. But you get the idea, if people don't communicate, then information can't be given.

8. If you have plot ideas, let the Command staff know. We will try to work them into the game. It might not be right away, but they will get worked in.

9. Write in third party, past tense.

10. Have fun and respect your fellow player!

11. The Command staff have the absolute last word.

12. Membership of the sim discord server is required. Please ask Command staff for an invite link if one is needed.

Races Allowed

Other races may be accepted, subject to Command staff approval.

At some point in the game, many of us come up with NPC's that we would like to see used on a more regular basis. The rules for this process are:

1. No NPC should be of a higher rank than it's creator.
2. If a player would like to create an NPC in another department, he/she needs to ask the department's head for permission.
3. The NPC bio must be filled out. It doesn't have to be quite as extensive as your main bio, but it does need to give a picture of the character.

Comms/Radio Chat
All comms traffic using a communicator will be written in this general format:

::Jeff to Bob, you there?:: Jeff said into his communicator

All telepathic communication is to be written in this general format:

~Hi, Bob~, Amy thought to her friend as he came onto the bridge.

Telepathy can be difficult to write well. Discuss with the writer you’re interacting with.