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All in good working order

Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Colonel Sehan t'Varis & Lieutenant Rehana t'Shaan

Mission: Shore Leave: Welcome to Drozana
Location: Main engineering, the Raven's Claw
Timeline: 238612.03

Another morning at Drozana, Raven thought to herself as she looked upon the station from the viewport of the mess hall. As dingy as the place was, it had, so far, proven to be a generous host to the Claw's crew. However, since the crew had gathered more information on their prize, preparations had been well underway for the mission to capture the prototype warbird Ourainavassa.

With her breakfast completed, the young Colonel decided to take Eavy for a walk around the ship, and to inspect the work going on to make the old bird ready for what would likely be her last mission. So, she returned her tray to the single replicator that had been shoehorned into the mess hall systems, and made her way back to her quarters.

A little while later, Raven, now in her habitual 'uniform' of a white blouse with black shoulderboards, each showing three silver stripes, as well as a Tal Shiar Colonel's insignia on the collar, a black necktie, black skirt and black boots, and with Eavy happily running along beside her, made her way to main engineering. It was time to see if the parts supplied by Captain Stephenson were doing the job and the ship was ready for her mission.

Rehana looked up from where she was working on a plasma conduit at the sound of footsteps and grinned as she saw who was coming. "Boss! EAVY!" Setting her tools down, she bustled over to Eavy's side and proceeded to give her boss' adorable pet scritches behind the ears.

Raven chuckled. "Morning, Red. Everything in good working order down here, or am I going to have to worry about the ship randomly blowing up on us?"

Rehana shrugged. “I’m working on installing the new parts, and that’s going pretty well. As usual, I’m having to go outside the manual pages a bit-Romulan shipwrights don’t really build for incorporating non-Romulan-made components. But nothing’s gone wrong yet.”

“Good.” The Colonel nodded. “We won’t have to worry about that too much longer, if our operation goes to plan. Did you get a chance to look over the blueprints for the Ourainavassa I sent over to you the other day?”

Rehana grinned. “Oh, yeah. She’s absolutely gorgeous- I cannot WAIT to work on her.”

“Now, of course we don’t know what state we will find her in,” Raven replied, in a bid to slow down her chief engineer’s excitement a little. “But from what I gathered, they would not have been able to do much with her. Which means that she’ll be a bit dusty, but otherwise, hopefully, brand new. Unless, of course, the pirates went and gutted her for parts.” She smirked. “Still, that’s the risk, in our line of trade, isn’t it?”

Rehana rolled her eyes. “Wouldn’t be the worst patch job I’ve had to do. I can handle the technical aspects of it, but the parts might be very expensive.”

The Colonel sighed. “Let’s hope she is intact, then. Still, with my Tal Shiar credentials, I think we might actually be able to get her fixed at an Imperial shipyard, if we have to. Wouldn’t that make a nice change, actually being able to go to a shipyard!” She laughed. “How about our warp core, is it going to hold a bit better now?”

Rehana nodded. “I made the core my first priority. There aren’t a lot of things on this ship more dangerous than the device that combines matter and antimatter. I figured it would be in our best interests to make sure it was working well enough for a Starfleet engineer to find no fault.”

“Ah, I bet a Starfleet engineer would faint the moment they set foot on this bird, long before they got to engineering!” Raven laughed. “I assume you are looking forward to working with properly installed, military technology again, then?”

Rehana laughed. “Like you would not believe. I believe the humans have an expression that accurately expresses my feelings on the matter-kid on Christmas morning.”

Ah yes. Raven recalled the colourful language often used by humans. “Very good. Oh, please do make sure our weapons and our cloak are operational, too. We don’t want to run into any surprises.”

Rehana grinned fiercely. “Yeah, when it comes to that kind of surprise I’d much rather be the giver.”

“Good. I mean, we have a code to shut off the Ourainavassa, but that still leaves us with whoever might be guarding her.” Swiftly, Raven picked up Eavy, who squealed in protest. “You have one week to get the ship all ready to go. Let me know if you need any more bits and pieces.”

Rehana smiled as she picked up her tools. “Will do.”


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