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State of the Sim - 08/01/2021

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 7:37pm by Colonel Sehan t'Varis

Jolan tru, and Happy New Year, Crew.

Before I get into the news concerning the sim, current events in the real word deserve a few words. I know that we have some players here that live and work in or near Washington, D.C., and following the events of the last few days, I am sure you will all echo my wishes for their health and safety. I also wish to express my deepest respect and appreciation for those in the emergency services and working in healthcare for all they are doing, across the world, in these difficult times.

Moving on to matters concerning the Ourainavassa.

Firstly, would like to thank Johnny, the player behind Commander Areinnye, for trusting me with the running of this sim, after all the work you put into getting it started. He has announced that he will step away from the sim once again, due to other commitments, but he will continue to be a valued member of our community.

Secondly. Taryn, you have stepped up to a temporary assignment as 2XO brilliantly, and you have been a great help. As you rightly pointed out, command positions are usually equally IC and OOC, and once Taryn returns to the ship, we will need to find a way to get her into that position of trust. I am sure everyone will agree that your writing is great, and that Taryn is an amazing character we all love to hate. Thank you for coming back to us and enriching the sim so much.

Thirdly, to Kaiae t'Lien. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been an excellent XO, and I would not have been able to transition to command without your support. But as life is taking its course, I don't feel that you are able to continue in that position, simply as you do not appear to have much time for us. You continue to be a valued member of our community, but we need, I need, an XO who is able to dedicate the necessary time to the role. And it is with sadness that I have decided the time has come to relieve you of your rank as executive officer. I am sure you will understand why this is necessary, and I hope you will continue to be a key part of our story.

Of course, that leaves us needing a new XO, and there really is only one choice. Ash Rogers has ICly become Raven's right hand, and I feel that it is time to make that official. We have developed and planned the direction for the future plot of our sim together, and I am looking forward to working with you as the new Executive Officer of the ship.

With the pending changes to the main plotline, we are shortening the interval period. Please do feel free to continue writing any story you see fit, set between the current date and stardate 238703.01, when we will resume the main plot.

In real time terms, this will be some time in early to mid-February.

Thank you for continuing to make this sim as great as it is.


Sehan "Raven" t'Varis
Commanding Officer
IRW Ourainavassa


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